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Benefits of Aquatic Exercise

Summer is on its way, and so the water activities are in full swing. Are you ready to enjoy all the water activities this summer? Do you know water activities, especially, aquatic exercises are not the source of fun but are considered as a good exercise for your body?

Yes, there are various benefits of water exercises in the pool, lake, or ocean. So today, in this article, we will discuss all those benefits:

Benefit 1: Low Impact on Joints

Swimming or any aquatic exercise gives buoyancy; you float in the water. It helps in decreasing the impact on joints. When you swim in the water, you have lower chances of an impact on your joints.

Benefit 2: Built-in Resistance

While swimming or other pool exercises, you are actually working hard against water, unlike moving your body through air, this resistance helps build full strength and endurance for the best performance.

Benefit 3: Keeps you Cool

Water helps you from overheating. Exercising in the water keeps the body to cool off, and thus reduces the risk of overheating. Warm water also enables you to regulate blood circulation.

Benefit 4: You Can Adjust the Resistance

It depends on your speed and position in the water that the resistance you face is dynamic. If you run in the water, and especially if the water goes higher than the waist, then surely you are getting more resistance. In order words, if the resistance is too high, you can do the same exercise in shallow waters.

Benefit 5: Gets Easier Over Time

With time, your knowledge and skills get enhanced because your body becomes habitual to moving through water. This results in less energy, effort exertion and enhanced speed. Swimming helps you learn new skills and practice.

Benefit 6: Incorporate Rest

One doesn’t need to stop exercising in the pool to give the body rest. Instead, one can add resting strokes. (ex. sidestroke for 1 minute or 2)

Benefit 7: Increase Intensity Slowly

Swimming daily with short breaks and more time spent while swimming can help you build stamina, without much effort. When you spend more time while swimming and take shorter breaks, it enables you to increase your intensity.

Benefit 8: Good For Joints Limber And Toning Muscles

Exercising in water keeps joints nimble. It has a low impact on the joints, and thus tones your muscles.

Benefit 9: Provides Support For Your Whole Body

Exercising in the water is not only low-impact but provides great support for your whole body. You don’t need to fear about the weight on your spine when you move through the water. Even if you are non-swimmer, you can use water to improve your overall posture.

In Conclusion

These are some of the amazing benefits of getting your exercise in the water. You can talk to your Surrey chiropractor to find out what kinds of exercises are good for you. Our team of practitioners can better guide you about the benefits for your body.

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