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Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Services
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Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) is a specialized form of physiotherapy prescribed to treat and improve the symptoms caused by vestibular disorders. It often involves manual head maneuvers and/or a progressive program of exercises designed to reduce vertigo and dizziness, visual issues, and/or imbalance and fall incidence.

How Vestibular Therapy Can Help

After an injury to the vestibular system occurs, the central nervous system can compensate for reduced function of the inner ears. Essentially, the brain copes with the imbalanced signals coming from the vestibular system by learning to rely more heavily on alternative signals coming from other systems in the body to maintain vestibular balance. This can be achieved through various exercise strategies outlined below. When this central (or brain) compensation occurs, the patient’s symptoms can be alleviated and allows them to return to normal function.
Patients typically referred for Vestibular Rehabilitation have been diagnosed with a vestibular condition including:

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
Vestibular Neuritis/Labyrinthitis
Unilateral Vestibular Hypofunction (UVH)
Vestibular Migraine
Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD)
Mal de Debarquement (MdDS)
Cervicogenic Dizziness
Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS)
Meniere’s Disease
Neurological conditions (i.e. stroke, traumatic brain injury)
Vestibular deconditioning from aging or inactivity
and many other vestibular conditions

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