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Cloverdale Registered Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Chiropractors

Specializing in the Diagnosis,
Treatment and Prevention of Injury

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We are a multidisciplinary collective
of physical rehabilitation experts
who strive to provide you with the best strategies to eliminate your pain
and improve your quality of life.

Our Commitment

At our clinic, we create a safe and comfortable environment focused on making your visit enjoyable from the moment you step through our doors. We treat each individual as a unique case. You get the one on one time necessary to collectively devise a plan and act on in it with our practitioners.

As experts in our various fields we will communicate amongst one another about your case to provide you with the best approach and appropriate treatment method. We stay up to date on the latest knowledge and industry trends which allows us to provide you with the best strategies to reduce your pain and improve your quality of life.


About Clover Hills

We are pain specialists with the best multidisciplinary approach. Collectively our depth of knowledge makes us the best at servicing your needs. Our treatment plans are unique and tailored to you with the help of multiple experts in their fields. Holding the highest standards of customer service our staff creates the best healing space for you. We are the best choice to improve you quality of life.

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Why Clover Hills?

Besides the reasons listed below, we have maintained a great relationship with ICBC and handle all billings and work required to get you the treatment you need.

Customer Driven

Being customer service driven at Clover Hills Rehabilitation we make every decision keeping our client’s convenience in mind.

Direct Billing

We directly bill to all major insurance companies right from our clinic. This eliminates tedious steps that you may have to take to have your money reimbursed.


We have maintained a great relationship with ICBC and handle all billings and work required to get you the treatment you need. You do not need to look anywhere else for your needs as our multidisciplinary clinic has all the services necessary to reduce your pain and improve your quality of life.


We are conveniently attached to Clover Hills Medical if a physician’s referral is required by third party insurance companies.


Our Process

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Our administration staff will carefully listen to your needs and guide you to the best possible treatment. Our staff will then work diligently to accommodate your schedule and have you treated in the shortest possible time.
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Our practitioners will spend the necessary amount of time required to listen, assess, and fully understand the nature of your condition. A plan will then be devised collectively to achieve your goals created during our initial assessment.
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Our practitioners will continue with our one on one approach and constantly reassess to monitor and advance your goals throughout the treatment process ensuring your treatment evolves as you do.
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Towards the end of the course of your treatment as we get closer to achieving your desired goals, our practitioners will provide you with techniques and strategies for you to help prevent the reoccurrence of injury.

What People Have to Say

Check out what people say about us

  • Mina B.
    Chiropractic care has quite literally changed the lives of our whole Richmond rodent control team for the better! Clover Hills has become part of our regular wellness routine and it's my little oasis of positivity! Dr. Garcha truly cares about your health and gives good advice after adjustments. The staff are all great and work so hard to accommodate every need and make people smile.
    Mina B.
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Saul B.
    I have been visiting Dr. Garcha for the better part of 4 years now. An outstanding chiropractic experience can be said with him. Since being diagnosed with scoliosis in my lower back and being a rodent exterminator is Coquitlam, he has been helping me manage it and feeling better and better each visit. Truly an amazing doctor who cares about his patients well being.
    Saul B.
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Rob P.
    Treatments here have helped my back feel much better! As the owner of a toilet rental business I'm constantly doing physical work so I'm glad I found Clover Hills Rehabilitation. This is a welcoming clinic, the front desk staff are very friendly and accommodating and the healthcare practitioners are knowledgeable and approachable.
    Rob P.
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Johan D.
    I have visited Clover Hills Rehabilitation multiple times. The staff at reception were very welcoming and professional. Dr. Garcha was very knowledgeable and engaged. He not only relieved my pain, but he also provided me with a personal care plan to do on my own during the day as a White Rock dentist. I highly recommend this clinic.
    Johan D.
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Evan S.
    I've been having lower back pain ever since I got into a car accident. I haven't seen much improvement and working as a painter in Surrey isn't making it any better. So I decided to give Clover Hills a try since my friends have been talking about it. Sunny was very thorough and knowledgeable. I told him my pain's very persistent but he's very empathetic towards my situation. I've done a few treatments with Sunny and I can already see an improvement in mobility. I am very confident that I can recover with Clover Hills. Thank you!
    Evan S.
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Harvey D.
    I would definitely recommend Clover Hills Rehabilitation to everyone. I've been going there for years and it's easily my favourite place for chiropractic care. As a roofer in Delta, I'm always in need of adjustments. Dr. Garcha makes you feel at home as soon as you arrive and is friendly and genuinely cares about his patients. Definitely a win with this choice.
    Harvey D.
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Tobi P.
    I've been going to Clover Hills Rehabilitation for over a year now. I've been completely blown away by the amazing team they have and the care I have received. As a Richmond pest exterminator, I didn't realize how much I needed chiropractic care, not only did Dr. Garcha completely fix my neck and upper back, but he also gave me the tools to strengthen those muscles.
    Tobi P.
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  •  Mo Shahid
    It is a welcoming environment with friendly staff. The physiotherapist is hands-on compared to the other physiotherapists I have visited in the past, which made a huge difference as I have recurring neck pain. My neck was feeling better after just one treatment and suggestions were made on how to prevent future occurrences. Overall, just a great experience and would recommend it to everyone.
    Mo Shahid
    Happy Client For Our Physiotherapy Service
  • Gurjeet Pahal
    It was my first time seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Jas Nijjer made me feel very comfortable. She is an amazing, knowledge chiropractor. She takes her time to assess and treat. My neck and back are feeling so much better. I would highly recommend Dr. Nijjer to any of my friends or family.
    Gurjeet Pahal
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Bonnie Gulbransen
    I'm very impressed with the care I am receiving from Jas, my chiropractor. I've had challenges with my neck and back all my life and I feel Jas has put a new definition in the term "chiropractic care". I'm very happy with how I'm feeling and so happy to have found her.
    Bonnie Gulbransen
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Anu Bains
    I had a wrist problem and I went to see a physiotherapist at surrey. She told me you have to wear a wrist brace and it will take 4-6 months to recover. I was upset and then Randy Garcha who is chiropractor told me about sandeep gill physiotherapist. After my first visit, I felt much better and my 50 percent pain gone and I never wear wrist brace after that. Now my wrist pain is perfect and I am thankful to sandeep who treated me very well. :)
    Anu Bains
    Happy Client For Our Physiotherapy Service
  • Robin Clark
    I'm so glad I took the chance and called into Clover Hills, Alex was fabulous with me on the phone. Jas, my new chiropractor is amazing. I was in a fair bit of hip pain and with her adjustments and stretching recommendations I have been almost pain free. I'm amazed that this wasn't taken care of sooner by my previous chiro. But I'm very thankful for Jas's attention to detail and her thoroughness. I highly recommend this office and Jas.
    Robin Clark
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Angela Dawe
    I just recently became a client of Clover Hills and I'd like to say thank you so much to Sunny (PT) and Steeles (RMT)! I am getting the treatments needed to continue my rehabilitation. Thank you also to Tammy and Alex, you are very welcoming and have always made my visits quite pleasant. I'm really looking forward to visiting the clinic in your new setting. Keep up the great work!!
    Angela Dawe
    Happy Client For Our Physiotherapy Service
  •  Alisha Eckersley
    Everything about Clover Hills Rehabilitation is professional and friendly. Alex, the receptionist, is a gem (and she will be thoroughly missed). Kate, the RMT, is very knowledgeable and strong and she really listens to her patients. Steels, the other RMT, has also been very accommodating and is very skillful. Jas, the Chiropractor, is kind and thorough - I have only seen her once though I expect to continue treatment with her. Sunny is the best physio I have ever been to. My whole family has been to him now, and we have recommended him to everyone. He really takes one-on-one time with his patients, listens intently, and is so knowledgeable. I have made great strides in my recovery thanks to him and I can't say enough good things about this practice.
    Alisha Eckersley
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Vern Frazee
    I have experienced several treatments for various issues with Sunny over the past year. His hands-on approach is what brings me back over and over. I trust him because I know he listens and feels how far he can treat an area. My recent visits have been due to a broken ankle. I can say with confidence, that without his support and treatment, I would not have walked as soon as I have. I recommend him to all my friends and family that mention they are looking for a physiotherapist.
    Vern Frazee
    Happy Client For Our Physiotherapy Service
    I find the experience to be very professional and at the same time, it is like you are part of their family. From the greeting at the front desk to the detailed information you receive from your therapist about your treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend any of my family or friends to them. You receive a reminder of your appointments to your E-MAIL which can be very helpful for some of us. Their hours very so you can go in early on certain days or later on others. Very accommodating for people's different schedules. I look forward to my treatments even if I hurt later on. As they say no PAIN no GAIN!!!!!!! Thank-you Sunny.
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Lisa Cowan
    I have suffered from chronic back pain for years now and have been a patient of quite a few Chiro clinics. I left Clover Hills Rehabilitation feeling strength in my back I thought I'd never feel again. My Chiropractor spent an entire hour assessing me and really trying to understand my back issues. Very excited for my next appointment.
    Lisa Cowan
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Akash Rattan
    Amazing and friendly front end staff! I started my physio treatment at this clinic through Dr. Sunny Gill suffering from knee and ankle pain due to years of athletic activity ( mainly Soccer). I thought that the pain I was suffering from would be something that I would deal with on a daily basis for the rest of my life. Sunny, the clinic's physiotherapist, was not only able to treat the injuries but helped me continue my athletic activity at the same rate as before the injuries occurred. I HIGHLY recommend this physiotherapy clinic to any athlete, or weekend warrior who is suffering from similar pain symptoms, as they will be able to get you back onto the road of recovery!
    Akash Rattan
    Happy Client For Our Physiotherapy Service
  • Nicole Clark
    I would highly recommend booking an appointment. I always feel so great after I leave. I have improved alot since my car accident. I couldn't be happier with the service!
    Nicole Clark
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Trang Luu
    Dr. Jaspreet Nijjer and Puneet Litt are the best in town. They are gentle manual therapists and very knowledgable in their field. The best chiropractor and physiotherapist in the area. Highly recommend these two!
    Trang Luu
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Jan McKim
    I have been to many other places over the years. I don't need to go anywhere else, the knowledge and customer care is excellent. my neck pain I have been fighting for years to get rid of is finally getting better thanks to Clover Hills Rehabilitation
    Jan McKim
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Sarpreet Pahal
    Clover Hills Rehabilitation Chiropractor, Jaspreet, helped me recover from a major car accident. She provided hands on treatment to loosen muscles in my neck, upper back, and lower back. She also re-aligned my spine, which allowed me to recover much faster. I strongly recommend Jaspreet as a Chiropractor. Physiotherapist, Sunny, at Clover Hills Rehabilitation helped me recover from a long-term hamstring tear. I tore my hamstring in 2014 and visited several physiotherapists for rehabilitation. The hamstring was still troubling me in 2016, which is when I was referred to Sunny.
    Sarpreet Pahal
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Ilene Fika
    The staff were friendly and both the chiropractors were very personable and skilled. Randy was willing to change his schedule to accommodate my first visit, which was great as I was really in a lot of pain. Due to my schedule, I also saw Jaz who was extremely thorough using a multitude of techniques as well as recommending therapeutic exercises. I was really impressed with the amount of time that she gave to me and as a result, I feel I made steady measurable improvements. I am now on my way back to a healthy back. Thanks.
    Ilene Fika
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Pamela Sangha
    I was in a car accident 2 years ago and had seen 2 other physios before I came to see Sunny, and it made an immediate difference! In my first session Sunny he made sure to document all of my pain,and took the time and care necessary to evaluate and work on my injury. He's truly a wonderful pain reliever. Sunny also referred me to Randy who is the chiro at Cloverhills, again I'd seen about two years worth of Chiros, and got more movement out of one session with Randy than I had in multiple sessions with other Chiropractors. I'd be a mess without this place!
    Pamela Sangha
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Kelcey Contois
    I see Jas (chiropractor) and Puneet (physiotherapist) and they have done wonders for my back/neck issues. I absolutely LOVE coming here! Everyone is so knowledgeable and kind. It’s also always lovely to be greeted by the front desk staff. I will recommend this place to everyone I know!
    Kelcey Contois
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • Jonelle Mace
    Both my husband and I would be in rough shape without this place!! Sunny properly diagnosed my husband's separated shoulder after a different physiotherapist missed it for three weeks (car accident injury). He had it back in and got him on the path to rehabilitation quickly. I also see Jas for chiro who has helped me tremendously with postpartum sciatic issues. As I said, we could not live without these people! They have all been courteous, professional, understanding, and continually engaged in both our healing processes. This would be 10 stars if it could be. Thanks also to the front desk staff who are friendly and helpful. Truly thankful for this place!!
    Jonelle Mace
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service
  • After my car accident in Mar 2015 and 1 1/2 years of going to another place for treatments with no improvement I changed to Clover Hills Rehabilitation. In just 5 weeks of Chiropractor treatments with Dr. Jaspreet Nijjer I have increased range in movement and on the road to recovery. Looking forward to including the Massage treatments and eventually Physiotherapy. A big thanks to all of the staff !
    Claudia Sperling
    Happy Client For Our Chiropractic Service

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team who collaborate effectively to provide you with the most suitable care.

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  • Sarah Granewall

    Registered Massage Therapist

    Sarah is a Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga teacher, a wife and a mother. After 15 years as an RMT she continues to have a great passion for learning about the intricate workings of the human body. She aims to help people strengthen their relationships with themselves by slowing down and learning to listen to the bodies needs.

    Sarah is driven by a strong desire to help her clients achieve optimal health and function as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since no single approach is the right one for every body, she uses a range of modalities to suit individual needs. She is excited to be working as part of a diverse team of professionals, that promotes health, supports people in pain management, rehabilitation, achieving goals, and encourages a well balanced lifestyle.

  • Yumi Imai

    Registered Massage Therapist

    As a graduate of Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, Yumi has been trained extensively to treat various orthopedic conditions. Combined with her Health Sciences degree and background in personal training, she looks beyond the condition itself and takes a more holistic approach to her treatments.

    Yumi believes in providing the highest level of patient-centred care to help individuals meet their unique needs and goals. She is excited to be part of a team of professionals dedicated to restoring wellness in the community!

  • Brett William

    Registered Massage Therapist

    Brett graduated from West coast college of massage therapy in the summer of 2017. Since then, he has worked in various massage settings from spa environments to rehabilitation and wellness centers. In doing so, he has assisted patients from all different walks of life with varying conditions and reasons for seeking treatment.

    Brett understands that his patient’s pain is just as unique as they are and believes that no two people can be treated the same egardless of the condition.

    His objective in his practice is to eliminate the physical barriers that keep his patients from living the lives that they want to live and supporting them through their rehabilitative journey.

  • Sundeep ‘Sunny’ Gill


    Upon graduating from the University of Manitoba in 2013, Sunny began working in an acute orthopedic setting. Sunny’s interest with physiotherapy and rehabilitation began after spraining his ankle multiple times.

    After completing extensive rehabilitation for his ankle injuries, Sunny realized that he had developed a vast interest in physiotherapy and knew it going to be an important part of his future. Sunny’s experience involves working with a wide range of patients. He has worked with athletes from the professional all the way to the high school level. He also thoroughly enjoys working with the general population. Sunny’s attention to detail and experience with multiple demographics, allows for him to effectively customize and modify treatment to the patient’s specific needs.

    Sunny’s physiotherapy approach focuses on a combination of manual therapy and exercise with a focus on improving a client’s biomechanics and reducing pain. Therapeutic modalities are used as per client’s needs. Sunny strongly believes in providing the patient with an adequate amount of 1 on 1 interaction in order to focus on the areas of interest.

    Sunny has completed his level 1 and 2 Functional Dry Needling (IMS) course. Sunny is continuously working on improving his knowledge of manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to provide patients with the most effective forms of physiotherapy.

    In his spare time, Sunny enjoys an active lifestyle playing basketball and working out at the gym. Being physically active is Sunny’s way of relaxing and spending time away from his day-to-day activities. Sunny really enjoys building on his current relationships and spending time with his friends and family while indulging in various ethnic foods.

  • Puneet Litt


    Puneet completed her Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia after completing a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University.

    She has clinical experience working in both public and private settings including orthopaedic injuries, workplace injuries, hand therapy, pre/post-natal care, incontinence, and stroke rehabilitation. She has taken additional courses in soft tissue manipulation, the Mulligan concept, and is pursuing her levels in advanced orthopaedic manual and manipulative therapy.

    Her interest in physiotherapy stemmed from leading an active lifestyle and her passion for rehabilitation grew while working as a kinesiologist. Her primary treatment approach is a combination of manual therapy, active soft tissue release, and exercise prescription to help her clients achieve their goals for recovery. Outside of the clinic, Puneet likes to spend her free time travelling, hiking, and strumming tunes on her ukulele.

  • Victoria Kim


    Victoria Kim is an experienced registered Acupuncturist in B.C. She has extensive experience working in medical setting and cosmetic acupuncture environments. Victoria’s focuses on treating the client physically and from within. It is her priority as a practitioner to help individuals find balance within their mind, body, and soul.

    Victoria’s kind demeanour and attention to detail keep individuals at ease. She creates an environment for healing and develops life long relationships with her clients.

  • Dr. Randy S. Garcha


    Dr. Randy Garcha was born and raised in Vancouver. After completing his undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia he went on to pursue his Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, graduating with honors. Dr. Garcha has been in practice for over 15 years treating patients suffering from motor vehicle accident injuries, sports injuries and acute and chronic conditions. Dr. Randy Garcha is an instructor for chiropractic students in their final clinical internship. He is a member of the adjunct faculty at the University of Western States.

    Dr. Randy Garcha was involved in a major motor vehicle accident in 2005. The litigation process eventually involved a court trial. Dr. Garcha gained valuable experience from his personal injury case. Subsequently, Dr. Garcha has attended court proceedings on numerous occasions for patients involved in personal injury cases as an expert witness.

    Not only did he gain experience within the courtroom, but also his experience as a patient changed his treatment philosophy entirely. When receiving treatment for his motor vehicle accident injuries, Dr. Garcha was frustrated at the notion of having to attend 4-6 treatments per week, a revolving door of chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage therapy for what seemed to be an eternity. It was at that point that Dr. Garcha began to implement a “one stop shop” treatment strategy, which involved integrating a variety of practice methods to come up with his combination therapy model. Combination therapy utilizes physiotherapy modalities, soft and deep tissue massage and stretching techniques and diversified adjustments all specifically tailored to which stage of whiplash injury and eventually healing the patient is in.

    In addition to changing his treatment strategy, Dr. Garcha was one of the first chiropractors in BC to implement the “direction to pay” billing structure for patients having difficulty with paying for treatment user or private fees for injuries suffered from a motor vehicle accident. With the “direction to pay” billing procedure the patient doesn’t need to pay any upfront fees. Instead these fees are collected directly from ICBC through a lawyer at the time of settlement.

    Dr. Randy Garcha is looking forward to opening his second location and is eager to serve the community.

  • Dr. Jaspreet K. Nijjer

    BSc, DC | Chiropractor

    Dr. Jaspreet K. Nijjer graduated Magna Cum Laude honors with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. Prior to pursuing her career as a chiropractor, Dr. Nijjer studied biomedical physiology and kinesiology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and worked as a chiropractic assistant.

    She was born and raised in Surrey, BC. After being injured in a major motor vehicle accident as a teenager, Dr. Nijjer discovered chiropractic and experienced the benefits of chiropractic care firsthand. It didn’t take long for her to know she wanted to be a chiropractor and help others to experience relief, so they can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Dr. Nijjer’s practices a diversified technique consisting of spinal and extremity adjustments, various soft tissue therapies, exercise and nutrition. She enjoys working with people of all ages and backgrounds.

    She has certification for Kinesio Tape & myofasical therapy and training in Graston Technique instrument assisted soft tissue therapy. In addition, Dr. Nijjer has earned her advanced certification in whiplash biomechanics and traumatology with the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

    Outside of the clinic, Dr. Nijjer enjoys playing soccer, travelling, and spending time with her family and friends.

    At Clover Hills Rehabilitation, Dr. Nijjer is committed to providing you with exceptional chiropractic care to help you achieve your health goals.

  • Pamela Sangha

    MPsych (Clin) | Registered Clinical Counsellor

    Pamela graduated from Yorkville University in 2019 with a Master in Counselling Psychology, and began working as a trauma counsellor in both a clinical and private practice setting. Pamela’s interest in the field of counselling actually began after the 2015 federal election where she ran for MP in Surrey Newton. During this time Pamela was in a car accident and was at the receiving end of injury.

    After coming to terms with her own anxiety and pain, she realized that she had developed an interest in working through trauma, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression through her own counselling experience. Along with personal experience, Pamela has worked with a wide range of patients, and has developed her skills to be able to adapt to each individual’s needs.
    Pamela’s approach to counselling is based in person centered and Cognitive behaviour therapy. This approach allows for the client to be in charge of their own journey, and receive therapy at their own pace.

    Pamela has completed Refugee and trauma training, Somatic Based therapy training, and is a member of the BCACC. In her spare time Pamela enjoys spending time in nature, baking, and spending time with friends exploring the vast food scene that the lower mainland has to offer.